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Sellers – Why list with Mayne?

At Mayne Realty, our goal is simple: to obtain the very best price possible for your property.

On the way to that goal, there are several key things you can expect from us as a Mayne Realty client. And they are things that set us apart from the competition.

Deep, up-to-the-minute knowledge of the local real estate market.

Knowing your market is crucial, and there is no substitute for time-consuming, foot-slogging research.

At Mayne we do our homework thoroughly, and are in close contact with the market every day.

We understand that there are markets within markets, that things can vary dramatically from suburb to suburb, even from street to street, and that buyer sentiment can shift from week to week. And we put this knowledge to work on your behalf.

Expert advice on the best marketing strategy for your property.

You don’t have to look far to find differing views on the best ways to sell real estate.

Some people claim that auction is always the best method of sale. Others argue that selling by private treaty yields better outcomes. In reality, all methods of sale have their pros and cons, and work best for certain properties, in certain markets, under certain circumstances.

A Mayne Realty agent will give you the full picture on all your options. And when they give you their recommendation, they will make their reasons clear.

A cost-effective, high profile marketing plan for your property

Once we know your property, and your needs and expectations from the sale, we have everything we need to develop a marketing plan to attract as many potential buyers as possible.

Just like with the method of sale, a Mayne Realty agent will recommend very different marketing approaches for different properties. It is always a case of horses for courses.

And we have an extensive toolkit to draw on, from a large in-house database of potential buyers to an exclusive arrangement with Queensland’s best property video producers. We make sure your property gets not just maximum exposure, but exposure aimed at the right targets: premium buyers.

Clear, constant communication

Communication is the key ingredient in any relationship, and it is no different with your real estate professional. A Mayne Realty agent will stay in constant touch with you throughout the sales process, keeping you informed as developments occur.

This includes providing you with a detailed written activity report every week, outlining new enquiries, who has been through the property, buyer feedback, and general market updates. So you always know exactly where you stand.

An objective opinion when needed

For many of us, home ownership is an emotional issue, tied up with issues of security and self esteem. When selling with Mayne, we help you harness this to your advantage, promoting your property on non-price factors, looking to create competition among multiple potential buyers who all ‘fall in love’ with your home.

As a seller though, you need to be aware of how your own emotions might be influencing your judgement. For instance, they might tempt you to price your home unrealistically high. This may help someone else sell their home faster (by making it seem great value compared to yours), but it can really hurt your prospects.

By overpricing, you risk alienating that crucial first wave of potential buyers. But that’s not all. By adjusting your price downwards after a while, you send the wrong signal to later prospects as well. It can be a real double whammy.As in most areas of life, the best real estate decisions come from applying cool logic and common sense. You can rely on a Mayne Realty agent to help with this if you need it.

Total integrity in all our dealings

We put this last, not because it is the least important, but because it is the bottom line. Take a moment to read the testimonials toward the back of this proposal, and you will see that our honesty and transparency is a common theme.

You should accept nothing less from your property marketing professional.